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YU Japanese Language School
YU Japanese Language School
Nearly end of the academic year!
(created: 3/7/2017 at 18.03)

Time flies! It's already summer 2017! Nearly the end of the academic year. It is another successful year with two beginners classes, Beginner intensive class and five other levels. Yuko, myself(Rihae) and Megumi who joined our team three years ago have been enjoying a lot! We will have a long summer break and will start new courses from 10th/11th October.
(created: 2/1/2017 at 13.01)


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Japanese courses Summer term 2016!
(created: 26/6/2016 at 16.44)

It is nearly the end of this academic year. It has been great year. We had three beginners classes and 5 other levels of classes altogether. No other schools offer such variety! We are very grateful to all whom signed up to our courses!
Japanese course Spring term 2016!
(created: 9/1/2016 at 21.06)

Time flies! Christmas and new year break finished and now we are going to start new term next week! We have the same number of levels, plus new beginners class. The new Beginner Intensive class is so popular, and we had to close application before the deadline as it has become full. Thank you for all who signed up! Also, we have good number of students for each class. We are looking forward to starting new term next week!
Japanese course Autumn term 2015!
(created: 9/1/2016 at 21.03)

We started two beginners classes and 5 other levels in Autumn temn this academic year! We are very happy to have all our students. At the last lesson in the term, one of the students in the beginners class gave me a box of chocolate, and said that he really enjoyed the course and will continue next term. I was so happy!
Japanese courses Summer term 2015!
(created: 12/7/2015 at 21.59)

We finished courses last week! Finally completed our 4th year! Next academic year from October is our 5th year! We thank all our students who came to the courses, We had a great time teaching you all! Please come again!
Japanese courses Spring Term 2015!
(created: 27/3/2015 at 16.23)

Finally finished the spring term! We had a great ten weeks teaching! We are going to have meal next Tuesday to celebrate. There were 8 classes this term including a new beginners class. We will continue to have these 8 classes next term which will start on 28 and 29th April. We are already looking forward to it!
Japanese courses Spring term 2015!
(created: 23/1/2015 at 9.49)

The 2nd week of our courses finished. We have all the classes on, plus a new beginners course. We are very grateful to new students and of course to our loyal students to join our courses!
In A1-2 class, we stated te-form, and last week, we sang a kids' song called 'Musunde hiraite'. It was a good fun! We are thinking of Karaoke night sometime soon!
Japanese courses 2014/15!
(created: 11/9/2014 at 13.16)

It's almost time to start our new courses. They will start on 14th and 15th October. We have a good number for beginners class already. There are still places in other classes. I hope we can run all 6 levels! Come and join everyone! It's gonna be fun!
Japanese courses Summer term 2014!
(created: 1/5/2014 at 22.06)

Our summer term started last week. We have a couple of new students. There are fewer students in each class, but we decided to run all of them, because we would like to complete one year courses. The 'Beginner Intensive' course is in their 2nd half of course. They seems to be very sociable. We were invited to have drink after the lest class last term. They go to have drink after the class every week. It sound very nice! We are very happy to hear they are enjoying learning at the class as well as socialising after the class.
2nd week of Japanese courses Spring term 2014!
(created: 26/1/2014 at 17.43)

There were some changes for students in each classes. Some joined one class and found the level is not quite right, so changed to the other class. It is possible because we have classes of different levels. Not many places would offer this much. It seems now they are settled in where they are now. The A1-1 class became even more fun with learning some verbs. There are more to come.
1st week of Japanese courses Spring term 2014!
(created: 26/1/2014 at 17.34)

Happy new year! Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu. Kotoshimo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
We started new term one week later than the dates we advertised previously, as we found it is too soon after the new year. We have more people would like to join our courses. There is a brand new beginners class this term. Last year January, we had quite a few people would like to start beginners class and most of them were complete beginners. Some joined existing A1-1 class which is the 2nd term of beginners class, and stayed there, but some people found too hard as it wasn't for complete beginners - the fellow students learned 10 weeks in the previous term. I thought there would be many people who want to start learning something as for new years resolution, so we decided to offer a brand new 'Beginners Intensive' course. It is two terms, 20 weeks course. It si very popular. There are 9 people who signed up for this course. We also have some new students for all of the classes. There are 7 classes, 42 students all together. Another successful term started! Thank you everyone to join us!!!
10th week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 26/1/2014 at 17.31)

Finally the last week of this term. As usual, we made 'nengajo- new year post card' in the A1-1 Beginners class. 2014 is the year of horse, so I brought some illustrations of horses. One of the students drew a horse by himself, and it was really good. he sent us cards as well. Happy new year!
9th week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 5/12/2013 at 22.28)

It was a cold evening again. We were very glad to see our students who came out from warm and cozy home! Thanks a lot! We only have one more lesson after this, then have Christmas/New year break. I hope everyone will come back in January! We had a nice meals out Saturday and Sunday with students. Unfortunately, I couldn't go the 2nd meal as I was ill. What a shame! We will have another meals next term as well! Also, we will have Karaoke night with one of our classes. Looking forward to it!
8th week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 5/12/2013 at 22.27)

We are doing numbers and shopping situation. Number in foreign language is always difficult. Next week we will do ordering food and drink. I hope we have Japanese bar here!
7th week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 24/11/2013 at 23.09)

It was really cold this week! We are so appreciated for those students who made effort to come to our classes in this cold weather! We decided to have joint meal with 4 classes on 1st December. I hope may people can make it. It is going to be about 20 people. Looking forward to it.
6th week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 17/11/2013 at 23.20)

Time flies! Only 4 weeks left in this term. We are going to organise meals out for each class. We always look forward to socialise to our students. We tend to have Japanese food or karaoke. Hopefully many people can attend.
5th week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 12/11/2013 at 23.53)

Nearly finished Hiragana learning at the beginners class! Ganbatte!
4th week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 3/11/2013 at 23.38)

At Yuko's class, she does something called 'show and tell'. She gives a topic and the students will bring something to do with the topic and 'show and tell'! This week topic was 'souvenir' and one of her students brought biscuits from Bath as souvenir for whole class! He gave me too. It was so nice of him. They were delicious! Thank you!!
3rd week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 27/10/2013 at 23.39)

There was a little change this week. As Yuko is busy with her family commitment, I am going to teach the beginners class from now on. It was good fun to teach the class. We covered vocab of everyday items and asked each other 'what is this?' so that they can answer the name of the item. Working in pair using cards. It worked quite well. It is always fun to do that activity.
We are thinking of starting a new beginners class from January, as it is popular. We've already heard some people are interested. Hopefully more people will beinterested and we will be able to run the course next term.
2nd week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 20/10/2013 at 22.26)

We have even more new students! The beginners class and the post-beginners class are nearly full. We have smaller classes for the upper levels, so we hope we have more new students for those classes. We might have new beginners course from January for two terms, as it is very popular. We will update the course dates shortly.
1st week of Japanese courses Autumn term 2013!
(created: 13/10/2013 at 21.07)

Our 3rd year of Japanese courses started! We have 6 levels and over 40 students all together! There are lots of new students in all classes, also the students who came last year and the year before. It's nice to see them again. We might have a few more students this week and I guess it will settle down.. Thank you everyone who signed up for our courses! I hope you will enjoy learning Japanese with us all year!
10th week of Japanese courses summer term 2013!
(created: 13/10/2013 at 21.06)

We talked about miracles following the lesson last week. It was interesting. Do you believe in miracles?
9th week of Japanese courses summer term 2013!
(created: 21/7/2013 at 22.48)

We read about an article about 'miracle pine tree' in Tohoku where the huge tsunami hit after the earthquake. It was an amazing story. Unfortunately the pine died after a while because of the sea water, but preserved and stay there as a symbol.
8th week of Japanese courses summer term 2013!
(created: 21/7/2013 at 22.45)

I'm very behind of writing this! Sorry! We had a great time in A2-2 class using another conditional form. Also we talked about seasons in Japan, UK and other countries.
7th week of Japanese courses summer term 2013!
(created: 18/6/2013 at 23.10)

At the B2 class, we revised 'keigo/Formal speach' and had speaking practice. Everyone find keigo is difficult. But don't worry! It's difficult for us-naticve Japanese speaker as well! We have our own keigo in Osaka-ben. We put 'haru' at the end of every verbs; such as 'tabeharu', 'ikiharu', 'iiharu' etc.. It sounds soft and nice. I like it very much. It might sound more familier that real formal keigo.
6th week of Japanese courses summer term 2013!
(created: 11/6/2013 at 22.18)

It was nice to come back to the classes after one week off for the half term. It's always nice to see our studnets. We nearly finish the textbook 'Japanese for Busy People 2' at A2-2 class. We are looking forward to starting the book 3, but not until next term. Still a few things to do from book2..
5th week of Japanese courses summer term 2013!
(created: 26/5/2013 at 1.35)

At the Advanced class, we were talking about any news they heard. I talked about the tornato in the US, and wrote it in Kanji '竜巻' then I thought it looked like a kind of sushi. It can't be right.. but I checked afterwards, and it was right. Silly me...
4th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 20/5/2013 at 22.42)

We are doing conditional forms in A2-2 class. There are a few conditionals in Japanese. When I think about it, why there are so many of them? I don't know. Some are the same usage, but some are not. You need to know which one to use.. It's tricky. I always revise the explanations of thoses conditionals before teach otherwise I will confuse my students!
3rd week of Japanese courses Summer term 2013!
(created: 13/5/2013 at 22.14)

We had a potential new student came to our class this week. More and more people find us by seaching these days! It's great! Unfortunately he cannot joing us this term but hopefully next term from October. New timetable will be up on the website shortly.

This week at Advanced class, we did 'Janken' and it was fun! We say ' Saisho wa goo, jankenpon - First the stone - jankenpon' to get the timing. It wasn't like that when I was a kid.
2nd week of Japanese courses Summer term 2013!
(created: 6/5/2013 at 22.30)

We were so excited to see one of our students has got 'randoresu' leather backpack for primary school students. We used to have one - everyone did, and everyone does even now. It was so cute. When we were kids, the colours of 'randoseru' are black and red, but these days there are so many colours to choose from. I wanted blue if there was one.
1st week of Japanese courses Summer term!
(created: 29/4/2013 at 22.51)

Finally summer term started last week. We have 4 classes this term as well. There are some new students. It is always great to meet new people! In my B2 class, there are two new students, one is new, but old.. I taught him in the past at the University of Bristol. It's nice to see him again. Another one is husband of my friend, so I met him a couple times before. My friend said he can speak Nagoya-ben..
Welcome to our courses!
10th week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 25/3/2013 at 23.54)

We had a good lesson at A2-2 class - reading material which leads into listening practice. In the listening material, they speak so fast! but my students managed to get the answers! Well done!
We enjoyed teaching all the classes this term as well! Thank you for joining us! See you in April!!
9th week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 18/3/2013 at 23.33)

There was a surprise at the end of B2 class last week. A month ago, we brought some chocolate to share with students for the St Valantine's day and explained what it is like in Japan. Girls give chocolates to boys and one month later on 14th March, it is boys' turn to give back something to girls. It is called White day. Last Wednesday was 13th March, one day before White day, and B2 students gave us a couple boxes of chocolate! It was touching. Oh, they are so nice people! Thank you guys!
8th week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 13/3/2013 at 0.34)

Some of my students are leaving us next term or next academic year I found! One person might go to live in Japan with his job! It must be exciting! It is a good news, but sad not to have him in our class!
7th week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 5/3/2013 at 23.20)

At B2 class, we have some Kanji(Chinese characters) almost every week. This week, I introduced 'shitsu' for room. The other reading is 'muro'. There was an period called 'Muromachi Jidai', one of the student mentioned. Then the other student asked me what is the origin of the word of 'Muromachi Jidai and if it is related to a name of a place like 'Kamakura Jidai' and 'Edo Jidai'. I checked it when I got home, and found it. It is related to a name of a place in Kyoto, a street called 'Muromachi doori'. It is a small street.
6th week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 25/2/2013 at 23.23)

Last Sunday, A2-2 class plus one B2 student went to Karaoke! It was a karaoke room just for us just like in Japan. When we got there we were told that we could stay up to 4 hours, and I though ' I don't think we will stay that long..' but we did!! All of us enjoyed so much, we couldn't leave! It took us for a while to figure out how to find songs we want to sing because the karaoke machine is Chinese one. There were Japanese songs as well. We all sang 'Ue o muite aruko/Sukiyaki song' as we know it so well! It was a great night out. We should do it again!
5th week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 17/2/2013 at 23.18)

It's already half way through this term! We are already discussing about meal out at the end of the term. A2-2 class, we decided to have Karaoke night. For some it is the first time to do Karaoke. It's exciting! I hope everyone will find something to sing!
4th week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 11/2/2013 at 23.32)

We had full class for B2 this week. Last 3 weeks, one or two students were not there because of their work. It was nice to see everyone! We practised the sentences with 'sae' and made some sentences. Some are like 'I'm happy if there is music', 'I'm happy if there are beautiful mountains', etc.. In A2-2 class, we did lots of grammar work, but not much of speaking. We will do more speaking next session!
3rd week of Japanese courses Spring term 2013!
(created: 3/2/2013 at 23.22)

We sang another song at A2-2 class. The song is well known in many countries. In Japanese it's called 'Shiawase nara te o tatako' and there are lots of volitional forms in the lyrics. I English 'If you're happy and you know it'. I searched the song before coming to the class, and found that this song is from Spain. There days you can find it lots of things online. It is amazing! We enjoyed singing, so this term we will have karaoke night!
2nd week of Japanese course Spring term 2013!
(created: 28/1/2013 at 0.08)

It was snowing!! Thank you very much for all our students who came to the classes in this weather! We are very grateful.
In A2-2 class, we just did volitional form. In this lesson we sang 'Sukiyaki Song - Ue o muite aruko'.
This song was big hit in the USA in 60s. I don't know why they named it 'Sukiyaki Song'. Was sukiyaki popular Japanese food then? It is a good song which sung by Sakamoto Kyu. The lyrics is surprisingly sad for this tune, but beautiful.
1st week of Spring term 2013!
(created: 20/1/2013 at 23.22)

We had the 1st week of the 2nd term(I don't know why they call it Spring term although it is still winter!). We have 4 classes this term. There are 9 new students in A1-1 class! Unfortunately we had to cancel A1-2 class because we didn't have enough number to run the course. However, all other classes most of students signed up and we enjoyed teaching the classes again!
New Year Party on 8th January 'Shinnenkai'
(created: 20/1/2013 at 23.15)

We had a new year party on 8th January at the bar in Polish Club. It was an American style supper or potluck party(Does it make sense to you? I learned it when I was attending English class in Japan and we learned mainly American English). There were about 20 of our students came and we had a lot of food!! Thank you very much! We also prepared 'temaki-zushi' hand rolled sushi and 'okonomiyaki' vegetable pancake. We were glad that they enjoyed our food. It was a nice evening. We should do every year!
Happy New Year 2013!!
(created: 20/1/2013 at 23.13)

It's a bit late new year greeting! We hope you will have a great year ahead!
The courses has started last week. We will have classes this week even with this snow! Keep yourself warm! See you on Tuesday and Wednesday!
Catch up with an ex-student.
(created: 29/12/2012 at 17.47)

One of my ex-students lives in Tokyo now. He has been there for 5 years. He came back to UK for Christmas and we met up for lunch. He enjoys life in Japan very much. When I went back to Osaka in summer 4 years ago, he came to Osaka and I showed him around. We went to karaoke with my friends. They have the same taste in music so they became friends as well. It was really nice to catch up with people who I used to teach.
Seasonal Greeting
(created: 20/12/2012 at 13.08)

CopyrightMerry Christmas and Happy New Year from YU JLS to everyone!! We hope you will have a wonderful time. Yuko and Rie and Yu-chan-Santa
10th week of Japanese courses 2012! last for this term!!
(created: 13/12/2012 at 0.11)

It was the last class before Christmas and new year break. We usually have 'nengajo' new year post cards. We have our students exchange their addresses and write one card to the other student. They don't know who you will receive from. It is a surprise in the new year. Next year is the year of snake. I brought nice pictures of snake. It was really fun thing to do, and it is a custom. You can write message to your fellow student. I have their works now, waiting to send just before the new year, because it shouldn't arrive until January. So I can see all their work and they are fantastic!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
9th week of Japanese courses 2012!
(created: 10/12/2012 at 22.55)

I'm a bit behind.. last week was 9th week, and this week is the final week for this term! It's gone really quick. We had a meal on Sunday at a Japanese restaurant. 13 people from my 3 classes came, and we had a really nice time - good conversation with some students. I arrived about 10mins late, because I came back from walking in Wales. When I arrived, everyone were there already! Thank you for coming everyone!
'me kara uroko'
(created: 6/12/2012 at 23.56)

I checked about the idiom 'me kara uroko ga ochiru' and I found that it came from Bible!! No wonder there is the same phrase in English and also in German! In English 'the scale fall from one's eye' Well, it was really 'me kara uroko'!
8th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 3/12/2012 at 23.06)

We talked about idioms in the advanced class again. Surprised to know there are the same idiom in English and in German! It is 'me kara uroko ga ochiru' meaning 'scale falls from my eye'. It might have been translated long ago, or just coinsidence. I have to research it!
Japanese taster session for year 8 students.
(created: 24/11/2012 at 23.03)

We were invited to give Japanese taster session at an event 'Year 8 Modertn foreign Language Subject Enrichment day' at UWE, which was organised by the organisation Routes into Languages South West. There were supposed to be 56 students from 4 schools around Bristol. Unfortunately, one school had to give up coming due to the heavy rain that morning! I did two taster sessions. There were French, Spanish and German taster sessions as well. This is the first time for them to have Japanese. Hopefully we will be invited next year again, and some studnets might be interested in learning Japanese in the future. There was a boy who can count 1 to 10, and he learns karate. It was nice to meet those kids. In addtition to that I saw a person who I know but lost in touch long time ago! She is a Spanish teacher and we used to teach at the same places; City of bristol College and UWE. We exchange our number, so that we can get together! The event was a good fun!
7th week of Japanese courses 2012!
(created: 24/11/2012 at 22.57)

We had te-form again this week at A1-2 class. There were a few people who couldn't make it previous week, so I explained all over it again. I hope it was useful. We will carry on doing te-form next few chapters, and will be very useful! At the advanced class, we had a reading material about Japanese idioms using parts of body. We have so many of them and it is quite funny. I live idioms! It is time for my students to introduce to me their idioms and explain in Japanese! Fun!!
Meal with former A1-2 class
(created: 18/11/2012 at 22.44)

I had a lovely time at a Japanese restaurant on Saturday with some of former A1-2 class. They are in A2-2 class at the moment, but I'm not teaching the class, so I see them briefly after my class every week. One of former A1-2 students hasn't signed up for this term, but I wanted to get together with her and other class mates, so I organised the meal. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it! What a shame. I will organise get-together again. We had a great time! Good food!
6th Week of Japanese courses 2012!
(created: 18/11/2012 at 22.41)

We started te-form of verbs at A1-2 class. It is a big step of grammar. I hope I didn't scare off my studnets by teaching it. It is very useful piece of grammar, whcih you can use a lot of useful expressions. Japanese is becoming more interesting with this!
5th week of Japanese courses 2012!
(created: 11/11/2012 at 0.20)

I can't believe it's aready half way through of this term. Time flies! It has been enjoyable weeks. We are thinking of 'Bonenkai' end of the year party or meal, but the end of the year it is always busy everywhere, so we might think of 'Shinnenkai' New year party or meal instead. Let's discuss about it!
Bristol Japan Club
(created: 5/11/2012 at 23.22)

Last Tuesday there was monthly meeting of Bristol Japan Club at Obento. I used to miss that but this academic year, I only teach until 8.00 on Tuesdays and I can go! Two of my students came with me. It was nice. There were quite few people, but unfortunately with the long table, I didn't have chance to talk to the people I met there for the first time. There were five of my students there! Hopefully more Japanese people will be there next meeting so that my students have chance to talk in Japanese!
4th week of Japanese courses 2012!
(created: 5/11/2012 at 0.25)

We have a good number of students this term. We might have a few more students from next week! One for Advanced, one of Pre-intermediate and one for Beginners. If you know someone who are interested in learning Japanese please let them know about us!
3rd week of Japanese courses 2012!
(created: 28/10/2012 at 23.51)

It seems all our classes are settled down now. All of our students are very nice and keen to learn the language. What a joy of teaching you! We will do all our best to make the courses enjoyable! We are very lucky to have you all!
2nd week of Japanese courses 2012!
(created: 21/10/2012 at 21.59)

We have a few students moving around the classes this week. Two joined Post beginners class from Beginners class as they have learned some Japanese in the past. They were coping very well and I think they are OK in this level. One person originally signed up for B1-Post Intermediate class joined Advanced class as we had to cancel the B1 class. He did very well with the fellow students. We had a new students in the Advanced class as well. She is from Germany. We have one person from Hungary in the class too - very international!
Comment for blog
(created: 18/10/2012 at 22.53)

If anyone would like to make comment on our blog in Japanese, please do so in Roma-ji. We cannot read Japanese characters.. Sorry!
5 Japanese classes in Bristol!
(created: 18/10/2012 at 22.33)

Only we, YU JLS can offer 5 levels of Japanese classes!! The number of the students of Advanced class is growing! There are 7 students now. Amazing to find out all of them have lived in Japan and come to us to continue studying the langugae. I feel very grateful. I would like to learn other language as well..
1st week of Japanese courses 2nd year!
(created: 10/10/2012 at 22.55)

We started Japanese courses this week. We have 5 classes from beginners to advanced. There are some students from last term and a lot of new students as well. Welcome! Already looking forward to 2nd week!
One more week to go!
(created: 1/10/2012 at 22.23)

A week tomorrow we are starting our new courses! Can't wait!
Starting new term on 9th and 10th October!
(created: 26/9/2012 at 22.38)

We are so excited about starting new academic year! We have lots of new students as well as the students from last academic year. Just can't wait starting the courses! See you on 9th and 10th.
New academic year 2012-2013!
(created: 19/9/2012 at 21.54)

Hi there! Shortly our new Japanese courses will start. We have some students from last academic year and some new students. We are looking forward to seeing/meeting themin October! We also have lessons in Sony offce. Always nice to know new people! New students are always welcome. There are still some space. Come and join us!
10th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 5/7/2012 at 22.09)

We finished this term/academic year of Japanese courses this week. It was a great year! Thank you for all who signed up for our courses and attend every single lessons! We really enjoyed teaching you! We sang a Japanese kids' song in A1-2 class. It is called 'inu no omawarisan' Dog police man found a kitten who got lost and kept on crying. It is a cute song. One of the students Gaby is inspired to make an animation. I am looking forward to seeing it! Gaby, ganbatte!
9th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 28/6/2012 at 22.53)

We didn't sing the song from last week, unfortunately! I would love to learn it! Next week is the last lessons for this term and this academic year! We will have 'end of the term meal' soon. Looking forward to nice Japanese meal..
8th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 20/6/2012 at 22.38)

Time flies! There are only 2 weeks left this term. The students of Post-beginner's class sang a song of words of body parts as we just covered those words in Japanese. They sang in English, and asked me if there was a song like that in Japanese. Unfortunately, I don't know anything like that. Maybe we can translate and make Japanese version of the song. Teach me the song please!
7th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 13/6/2012 at 23.48)

After a week off for the half term, went back to the classes. It was nice to see all our students again! I went downstaires afterwards for joining Bristol Japan Club meeting. There were quite a few people tonight. Many of them were Japanese. I enjoyed talking to some people who I met for the first time. I hope they will come again next month! See you there!
Half Term..
(created: 5/6/2012 at 22.17)

It is half term holiday this week. We also have a week off. I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend of celeblation! I saw firework display last night. Though it was very far it was pretty. At the moment I'm missing my Japanese classes! See you next week!
6th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 30/5/2012 at 22.31)

This week we had a fun activitiy in the Post-beginner's class. Everyone introduced themselves but as a third person. In this way they can use 'jozu desu' for what they are good at. In the advanced class, we were talking about different customs when people greet each other. Do you kiss or not? If you do how many times? In Japan we don't kiss nor hug..
5th week of Japanese courses!
(created: 24/5/2012 at 22.43)

Has everyone seen the Olympic Torch? When I was walking to Polish Club for my Japanese classes this Tuesday, there were full of people! I wondered how many of my students would turn up. However, my loyal students came to learn Japanese! Thanks a lot!
4th week of Japanese course.
(created: 17/5/2012 at 22.30)

We had a good laugh at the A1-2 class this week. We had practice to ask each other like: 'Do you know Mr so and so? If so, do you know his address?' The students made up questions with the famous names: it went like this - 'Do you know Mozart?' 'Yes, I do' 'If so, do you know his address?' 'Yes I do'.. I couldn't help interrupting by saying, 'I know it too! I went his house two years ago!'
3rd week of Japanese courses!
(created: 10/5/2012 at 22.43)

We have another new student! Welcome!! New students are always welcome! In the advanced class, all of the students have lived in Japan from 1year to 3years. This week they shared their experiences when they were in Japan. It was really fun to listen to them!
2nd week of Japanese language course in Bristol
(created: 4/5/2012 at 9.17)

This week was the 2nd week of our Japanese language courses at Polish Club, Clifton, Bristol. There are 5 levels on Tuesday and wednesday evenings. Most of the students started last October and continue to come, but we also have a new student. All the students are very nice. We enjoy seeing them every week!

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