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'The brand new testament'
(created: 26/6/2016 at 16.49)

My favourite film of this year so far. It's so funny. I love this film a lot! I'm learning French by myself with app duolingo, and I was pleased to picked up the word 'fourmi'(ant)!
Pen Y Fan again!
(created: 9/1/2016 at 21.11)

I went to walk up to Pen Y Fan in South Wales. I went there a few years ago, but this time it was in rain, wind and hail! It was raining all the way, wind was strong some parts, and hail was hitting may face and it hurt! I managed to go up to the top, which is 886m. When coming down the hill, it was so slipply and I was very slow coming down. It was a good walk! My body hurts!
Cat pub
(created: 27/3/2015 at 16.26)

I found a pub where you can see some cats! I always walk by the pub and see some cats from the window. Finally I went in to the pub this week! There were 6 cats! I was so happy. I want to go there every day..
Christmas in Holland
(created: 23/1/2015 at 9.55)

I can't believe it is nearly one month ago when I spent Christmas in Holland. I have a old friend in north of Holland, and I spent last three Christmases there at her place. She is my pen-pal since I was 18 years old. We didn't do much, but just relaxed, watched DVD, talked and of course ate lots of food! I'm going to Holland again in June, and meet up with her and we both will go to see our favourite band in Amsterdam! Can't wait!
Summer in Japan!
(created: 27/8/2014 at 10.11)

I just came back to Bristol after 4 weeks break in Japan. This summer, I bought a Japan Rail Pass for 7 days, and visited friends who I had not seen for a long time. I went to Saitama, Tokyo, Nikko, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. I met up with my friend from Saitama at Tokyo station, then we went to Nikko. We stayed at a nice Onsen ryokan(Hot spring Inn), and had lovely food! We ate a lot! Nikko is a beautiful place. I have heard about it but this is the first time for me to visit. There are lots to see there. I would like to go there again. Hot spring was nice too.
My friend in Hiroshima book us a hotel, and we talked, talked and talked until 3am! We had not seen each other over 10 years. There were lots to catch up. In Fukuoka, my friend took me for a drive by the sea. Though it was raining, it looked beautiful. Nice holiday!
Hiking in Andorra
(created: 1/5/2014 at 22.11)

I went to Andorra for hiking with my friend who lives in Barcelona. We took a bus form Barcelona, and it took about 3 hours. Andorra is ski resort, so we hiked in the snow. It was so beautiful. I've never been skiing, so had never soon the mountain covered with snow. It was so beautiful and made me cry. I want to go there again.
'Fill the void'
(created: 26/1/2014 at 17.47)

This beautiful Israeli film is set in a super orthodox Jewish community. It is really some thing I enjoy about watching films - seeing different culture! It is really different culture from I know about. At the same time there are some similar things in the culture I know about.. maybe in my parents' generation. Getting married is so important in this community, especially for young women. The girl whose elder sister died at her child birth, was suggested to get married to the widower- brother in lay, as her mother want to keep the first grandchild beside her. However, no one force her to marry him, but gradually she became to wish to marry him. It is a very nice film indeed. I like it as it is her own decision in the end to marry him.
'Blue is the warmest colour'
(created: 24/11/2013 at 23.11)

I went to see this yesterday after work. This film is 3 hours long but I did enjoy and didn't feel that long. It is too well known as there were lots of reviews on all newspapers. I don't like reading reviews before I see a film, so I didn't expect the story goes on for a few years. It was a passionate and intense relationship. I didn't find tenderness of love from them, so I wasn't moved much. It is probably because they are very young.. The relationship ended and it was heart-breaking. I feel like watching happy-ending film after this..
One flew the YU JLS nest..
(created: 17/11/2013 at 23.24)

I had the last lesson for one of my students today. He is going to move to London as he's got new job there. I am very glad for him, because he really wanted that. I taught him just over one year, and it has been always fun. He studied Japanese in Manchester, then continues learning Japanese. He loves Japanese films. We talk a lot about films. I will miss the lessons with him! but we will stay in touch!
Japanese meal with friends
(created: 3/11/2013 at 23.47)

I had a nice evening at a Japanese restaurant with some friends. Some of them are my ex-students a few years ago. We still keep in touch and occasionally meet up for meal or going to see films together. Some of us went to see the Japanese film 'Like father, Like son' the other day. It is very nice to keep in touch with people who I used to teach. I met up with other ex-student in London in September. I went to visit other in Grand Cayman Island. One of my current students will move to London soon. I hope to keep in touch with him as well.
Learning piano
(created: 27/10/2013 at 23.46)

Now I'm getting used to new schedule for this academic year, I found some time to practise piano regularly. I used to learn when I was a kid, but didn't practise much at that time. I started having lessons 3 years ago, but I haven't practise much, so haven't improved much.. Since this term, I have more time in the morning and afternoon. I find playing piano very therapeutic.
'Like father, like son'
(created: 8/8/2013 at 23.22)

I saw this lovely Japanese film today at Watershed. This is the latest film of the director Kore-eda Hirokazu. He is one of my favourite directors. I loved one of his films 'Nobody knows' although it is very sad film, it is so beautiful. Today's film, I would say my 2nd favourite! It is a story of two families whose babies were switched at birth, but it is actually about a story of a man who hasn't really be a father, but learning to become a father. The Japanese title 'Soshite chichi ni naru(And becomes a father)' shows that. However, of course the film shows stories of other people which is very much like other Kore-eda's films. That's what I like of his films. With a very small details, you will see the background of characters and feeling of them, which are not too important for the main story-line but it will remain in your mind. Another beautiful film.
Concert at Bishopsworth
(created: 18/6/2013 at 23.16)

I'm in a local choir, and we had a concert last Friday, 14th June. It took place at the church where we have rehearsal every Friday. We sang Mendelssohn's 'Hymn of Praise'. It went quite well, thought I struggled with turning pages. It is very old copy and the paper is very thin, so it is difficult to turn. Well, the audience said they enjoyed, so it went well I think. We have another concert with the same programme on 30th June in Knowle. I'll be better turing paged this time.
'Bollywood Carmen' on BBC Three!
(created: 11/6/2013 at 22.25)

It was a live show from Bradford. The famous opera 'carmen' in Bollywood style. There were lots of songs, dance, and colours. Very colourful indeed. One hour went so fast as I enjoyed very much! I wish I was there.
Half term!
(created: 26/5/2013 at 1.40)

I finished work on Friday and I have whole day off today(Sat)! I didn't have to go to Cardiff. The sun was there for me. I had lovely time with my friend in a cafe. Very relaxing. I'm going to catch up with other friends this week as well! Looking forward to it!
(created: 20/5/2013 at 22.36)

I started reading George Owell's '1984'. I always wanted to read it, and luckly my friend had got one, so I borrowed. It's quite interesting. Especially about the language 'New speak' is facinating. I think it is true that how the language will affect the thoughts. 'New speak' will kill the thoughts. Language is important!
Another farewell meal!!
(created: 13/5/2013 at 22.20)

We had another meal to farewell one of our students. She is going to have 1 year travelling with her boyfriend. It must be exciting! I've never travelled that long. I had a couple of 2 month travelling. That was long enough. I'd love to travel again! Have a safe journey and great time!
Farewell meal!
(created: 6/5/2013 at 22.35)

One of our students in B2 class is going to leave Bristol, so we had a farewell meal last Saturday. 7 people came including myself. It was a good evening. Such a nice class and nice people! I am very grateful to have such a nice campany!
Lake District
(created: 29/4/2013 at 22.55)

During the Easter holiday, I went to Lake District with the walking club I'm in. It snowed the week before we went, so there were lots of snow still there. We enjoyed walking on soft snow. It was first time for me! We stayed 4 nights. I cooked one evening. I prepared 'temaki-zishi' and Miso soup. Everyone liked them!
'A Late Quartet'
(created: 7/4/2013 at 22.16)

I wanted to see this film for two reasons; one is because it is about music. I love films about music. Other reason is the actor. Christpher Walken is one of my favourite actors. In this film he is a cellist who is became ill. Then the qurtet started to fall apart. I enjoyed watching it especially listening to the music, though I was a bit disappointed with the plot. The quote is from The Sunday Times ' the story is a bit soap opera-ish.' I agree. Though, it was a good film. I was moved by how the cellist who Walken plays decided to retire with his dignity. It must be awfully hard for a such a superb musician to admit that he cannot play anymore. I thought of my favourite musicians and just hope that they stay healthy and keep playing! I wish the story has focus more on the cellist rather than other members' family crisis.
Head Start - Intoroducing Japanese
(created: 25/3/2013 at 23.58)

I went to a one day course at Japan Foundation in London. The course is called 'Head Start' and is desgined for teachers of schools where they are considering starting Japanese class. They had excellent presentations by head teachers from school where they already have Japanese classes. Very passionate head teacher from Hendon School in London talked about their exchange programme. It is amazing. The students had great experience home staying, and going to school in Japan. Then Japanese students came over and went to hendon School as well. It was a good day. We even had bento for lunch!
(created: 18/3/2013 at 23.40)

Last Sumday, I went to a pub to listen to Ukurere with my friend. We expectied something Hawaian, but it wasn't Hawaian at all. They played kind of fork. It was fun though. There were homemade cakes for collecting donation. They support a couple of charities. One is Caring@Christmas which I do volunteer every year. We had wine and nice chat. Nice evening.
(created: 13/3/2013 at 0.39)

It is a good British film. I went to see it after my work at Cardiff and a lesson in Bristol. I'm glad I went. It is a story of a 14 year old girl, her family and her neighbours. It seems all has troubled relationship. Maybe that's why the title is 'Broken'. Tim Roth was a good father. I think he did a good job in the film. Of course the girl did excellent performance!
Meal with all the Advanced students
(created: 5/3/2013 at 23.28)

I have two groups of advanced students, B2 class and one group I teach at home. Also there is a person I teach privately. They are about the same level. I have been thinking to arrange a meal with all of them, and finally it happend last Sunday evening! We had Japanese meal, and the waitress was Japanese, so they can order in Japanese. The conversation was a mixture of Japanese and English. It was a fun night.
(created: 25/2/2013 at 23.30)

This film is made by an Australian director. I wonder how come she end up making a German film, but found out that her husband is German. The story is set at the end of World War two and based on true story - actually a story of the writer's mother. Some parts are hard to look at, but it was a good film. I would like to read the book 'The dark room'.
'Side by side'
(created: 17/2/2013 at 23.21)

This is a documantary about making films. I like films about making films both fiction and documantary. Keanu Reeves as a interviewer talks to people like directors, cinematographers, actors and so on about the change of technology from film to digital. It was really interesting. I prefer film, but to be honest I cannot distinguish the work by film or digital.. I just feel sad to lose old things and all will have been taking over by new technology. I used to prefer vinyl records to CDs, but they stopped making vinyls, so no choice. The same thing is going to happen or already happened with cameras and films. I prefer film camera, but they stopped making film cameras. It is difficult to find a place to deverope films now, so no choice.. I think soon I will get used to it..
'I wish'
(created: 11/2/2013 at 23.37)

I saw this Japanese film during the half term. It was a lovely film about brothers whose parents got devorced and live separately. The director Koreeda Hirokazu is my favourite. I like his films because in his films, not noly the main characters but each character has their story and you can see it from very small details. I enjoyed this film very much.
'Life of Pi'
(created: 3/2/2013 at 23.30)

I saw this film at Watershed. I thought I was going to watch 3D, but the particular showing was 2D. I wasn't disappointed actually. 3D makes me feel sick, so when I see film ads saying 3D, that often put me off. I think I have got sea sick if I watched it in 3D. There were lots of storms! The story was very interesting. It was amazing film. I love watching the tiger. Though, after watching 'Les Mis' and this, I feel like going back small budget films.. I like them better.
'Les Miserable'
(created: 28/1/2013 at 0.13)

I sang some songs of this musical, so it was good that I understand the lyrics. It was well done film I think. The casting is good as well. I feel like seeing the stage again..
'Jiro: dreams of sushi'
(created: 20/1/2013 at 23.25)

My first film in 2013 is a documentary of a sushi man. It was a good film about a passionate craftsman. Whatever the field is, craftsmanship is the same. They have the same passion. They always think about their job and how to improve it. I love watching the work and listening what they say about their job. I love the people who love their job. I love my job too!! The film made me have his sushi, but I don't think I will have a chance.
Christmas in Holland
(created: 29/12/2012 at 17.33)

I spent this Christmas in Holland with my long time pen-pal Ilma and her partner Egbert. We've known each other for so long. I visited her a few times already, but this is the first time to spend Christmas with her. We started writing to each other when I was 18 years old. I was a high school student then and wanted to practise writing English. I joined fan club of an American rock band and they had connection with fan club in Holland, so I put an ad on their fan club magazine. I had 5 pen pal one stage from Holland and Garmany, but only one stayed in touch for this long time. She visited me in Japan 4 years after writing to each other, then I visited her in Holland in the following year. My aunt was very nice to her when she was in Japan, then Ilma liked her a lot, so my aunt also visited her when I was there. It became like a family friendship. Now after visiting many times, Ilma and her family became my family in Europe. It is very nice. This Christmas we had lovely time together. I hope to see her and Egbert again soon.
'Silent Night' in Japanese. 'Kiyoshi konoyoru'
(created: 19/12/2012 at 21.40)

I'm in a local choir and we had two concerts in South Bristol last weekend. We sang 'Silent Night' 1st verse in Japanese, 2nd verse in German and 3rd verse in English. Japanese verse sounded very good. I tried to listen while I was singing, and found it sounded as if Japanese people sang it! I don't know how it sounded in German though.. Nice concerts indeed.
Walk in the Black Mountain.
(created: 10/12/2012 at 23.00)

We had a walk in the Black Mountains last Sunday, starting from Llanthony Priory. First we climbed to Bal-Mawr, then went along the ridge northwards for about 2 miles before descending to Capel-y-ffin, and returned on a footpath along the valley. We thought it would be dry and the sun started to come out, but it was pouring down when we were walking down the ridge. Coming down was very hard. I couldn't see anything with rain drops on my glasses, even my hair stuck on them too. Walking the ridge was very nice. It was full of heather. Unfortunately, it is not the season for blooming, but it still looked nice. It would be nice to come back in Summer. It was a lovely walk. The bad news is.. I seemed hurt my knees.. Not too bad though.
Gypsy Fire!
(created: 7/12/2012 at 0.02)

The concert was at Colston Hall2. The band is formed with 4 musicians of defferent background of music. The music was a bit of mixture; jazz, classical, gypsy and heavy metal! One of the guitarist is from Bristol. He was quite funny as well as a good musician. They are going to play again in March. It's worth going!
Bazzar at Japanese school in Wales
(created: 3/12/2012 at 23.10)

We have bazzar 3 times a year at Japanese school in cardiff. It is time we can bring things you don't need any more and you might find something you were looking for. The biggest one is in November. There were full of stuff last saturday! There were also nice snacks and cakes to enjoy. The kids were so excited about it. I bought some nice cakes and books. It was a good day. Next one is in March, but it is a bit smaller one.
'The Sapphiers'
(created: 24/11/2012 at 23.16)

Another feel good film about passion of music! It's from Australia and based on true story. The Aboriginal all-girl band goes to War-zone Veitnam to entertain soldiers. Soul music was really good. It reminded me 'The Commitments' and it wasn't just me. At the interview with the directer, the interviewer also mention about the film. Both are great films!
Walk in Mendips from Wells
(created: 18/11/2012 at 22.57)

I led the walk from Wells for 8 miles in Mendips and Ebber Gorge. The weather was great! Nice blue sky! I managed to take wrong pass and lead 12 people to someone's garden! Luckily we weren't caught! We had lunch where we had a nice view. Leading a walk always makes me nervous. I will appriciate not leading next month's walk!
'Kinshasa Symphony'
(created: 18/11/2012 at 22.50)

As a part of Bristol African film festival 'Afrika Eye', there was this feel good documantaly about a symphony orchestra and a choir held a concert in Kinshasa, Congo. I really love films about music - passion about playing music. I came back from 8 mile walking in Mendips, and quite tired, but I pushed myself to go and see it. It was a good decision! Very very good film! I'm glad I went to see it! There were lots of funny moments as well as moving moments!
(created: 10/11/2012 at 18.25)

Finally I saw this film! It's such a classic. I don't know why I hadn't seen this until now! Last day at Watershed and the room have changed from Cinema3 to Cinema1. It was nearly sold out. Very scary film indeed. Jack Nicholson couldn't have been better for that role. I almost bought a T-shirt with his face from this film(famous face) some years ago, but didn't because I hadn't seen it at that time. When something is too scary you sometimes feel like laughing. Is it true for everyone?
'Rust and Bone'
(created: 8/11/2012 at 0.08)

I saw this film instead of 'Shining', but I was planning to watch it anyway. It is another good film I watched recently. The guy reminds me one of my brothers.. Not as strong as this guy though.. I guess he isn't a bad guy, but he only learns something from terrible mistake or accident. I was relieved the film ended positive way..
'Shining' sold out!
(created: 7/11/2012 at 0.16)

Wow it is so popular! I went to get a ticket for 8.20 showing at 6.00 but already sold out! I thought I missed a chance to see it in cinema totally, but rearised I can make it on Thursday instead because my lesson this Thursday is cancelled. I booked a ticket already!
My favourite day of the week.
(created: 5/11/2012 at 23.27)

I work at home during the day, have piano lesson and tabla lesson every other week. Then I go and teach til 8.00. I have time to watch a film then! This week, I'm thinking of watching 'Shining'. Although, I cannot watch scary films anymore, it is such a classic! I must see it.
Sounds from the Caribbean Double bill
(created: 5/11/2012 at 0.29)

There were two documentary films about music from Caribbean; 'Calypso Dream' and 'Reggae' at Watershed. I just like films about music, and I happened to be free this afternoon so I went. I was quite lucky to bee free this particular Sunday, because I normally have a lesson on Sunday afternoon. Without knowing much about the music, I enjoyed the films very much. I think I like Calypso better than Reggae as music as well as a film. It might be just the Reggae film is made in 1971 and Calypso film is made in 2004, so the latter appealed me more. As a music, although Calypso has social/political message, it is fun to listen. In the film one of the musician said 'we say life is tough and laugh at it' I like the attitude. This film is in English but has subtitle for everything they said and they sang. That was really helpeful for me to enjoy more.
Concert at Barbican, London
(created: 28/10/2012 at 23.57)

I went to Britten Sinfonia 20th Birthday concert at Barbican the other day. I was working in Cardiff then caught a train to London. Just managed to get there on time! It was a great concert. First half was classical, and the second half was colabolation with jazz musicians. I enjoyed all of the items they played, but realised that I really like Bach. It was a long concert - started at 7.30 and finished at 10.30 including 30 mins interval - good value of money! I only paid £8!! I was a bit worried that I might have to leave before the performance finished to catch a train back to Bristol. I did stay until the end of the main concert but unfortunatelly I missed post-concert performance at the bar. I am very sad! Something like this makes me wish I lived in London, but I love Bristol too, so it is fine after all. What will be the next exciting event for me?? I don't know yet..
'Beasts of the Southern Wild'
(created: 23/10/2012 at 23.23)

I went to see this film after my Japanese class tonight. It was a strange film I must say, but really good film - magical.. The performances of all the people are fabulous especially the little girl Hush Puppy. It is nice to go to see a film after work although I had to wait for a bus for 3 quarters an hour.. There is only one bus in one hour after ten. Still worth it!
Try again
(created: 21/10/2012 at 22.06)


Hum... Quite interesting how they have been changed...
Test of using Japanese text..
(created: 18/10/2012 at 22.49)


Well, it doesn't work.. Hopefully we will find out.
(created: 18/10/2012 at 22.39)

I saw this German film two weeks ago. The story is set in East Germany in 80s. Barbara, a doctor whose boyfriend lives in West Germany asked for moving to West and has been sent to a rural area. It must be hard to live life worring about people are watching you, and can't trust anyone. It reminded me a family I met when I was studying in Vancouver in '90. They escaped from Czech Slovakia. They are very nice family. I hoep they have great life in Canada.
Walk in the Forest of Dean
(created: 15/10/2012 at 22.50)

I walked about 9 miles on Sunday with a group of people. The weather was great! Beautiful blue sky! Some parts were a bit muddy, but mostly dry. I had my ONIGIRI and grean tea for lunch which I always have. Country side is so beautiful. I love walking there! Next month, I have to lead a walk. I haven't decided where to go. One of the group last sunday kindly offer me to do pre-walk together during my half term. Hopefully the weather will be ok. I have to look through some books for walking - I have 5 of them..
(created: 10/10/2012 at 23.00)

It is a warm, feel good French film. The story is about a man on his wheelchair, looking for a carer. A guy originally from Senegal came for an interwiew only because if he got his form signed at the interview he can claim benefit. He's got a good sense of humore, then he was hired! Good friendship developed between them. It's based on true story. Performance of all the actors are superb! There might be English remake with Colin Firth. Good choice!
'Holy Motors'
(created: 26/9/2012 at 22.41)

A French director made this very weird surreal film. It will be a cult film! I enjoyed watching this but to be honest I prefer his earlier films.. I think I'm an ordinary person who likes ordinary stories. There are two more films I want to watch this week. I have one week to watch films before our evening courses start!
My Summer!
(created: 19/9/2012 at 21.39)

It's been a long time since I wrote something here. I have been Japan, Grand Cayman Island and Budapest, done lots of things.. I will catch up slowly.. Firstly, I'm happy to be back to Bristol! It is nice to be here. So nice that you don't need any air-conditioner! Need heater already though! Osaka where I am from is really hot - exceptionally hot this July. I left on 1st August, so I can't imagine how hot it was in August. However, I have great time with family and friends. I went to visit my best friends who are twins and stayed over. My brothers treated me at Korean BBQ restaurant, ate lots of beef! I had great fun talking to friends and cousins. One of my cousins will have a baby in November, so I gave her a gift from Cath Kidston baby goods. I'm glad that she liked them. 2 weeks wasn't really enough. It went so fast. I hope I can go back soon again!
Holiday in Japan!
(created: 13/8/2012 at 22.24)

I went back to Japan for 2 weeks. It was great to catch up with family and friends. With a group of friends from hight school drama club I went to Kyoto Eiga Mura(Film village). It was a lot of fun. This summer is again very very hot summer. It was 35 degrees almost everyday in Osaka and Kyoto. Ice cream everyday...
Australian friend Helen
(created: 5/7/2012 at 22.14)

Helen came to UK last weekend, and stayed at my house on Sunday. It was nice to see her again after long time. Time really flies! It's been 4 years since she left? My housemate and Helen are good friends. We had nice chat Sunday night. One day we will visit her in Australia.
Friend from Australia is coming
(created: 28/6/2012 at 22.56)

Helen is used to live in Bristol, and she is a friend of my housemate. She is going to stay with us on Sunday. It would be fun. Unfortunately she only has one day in Bristol. She is travelling around in Europe before going back to Australia. Have a great time, Helen!
Meal with Yuko san and her family
(created: 24/6/2012 at 22.16)

Yuko san kindly invited me for dinner at her home on Saturday. Yuko's family and I had very nice meal. Thank you Yuko san. We also had meeting as we both are too busy to have meeting on weekdays. She has now her own blog page. We hope that you will find who we are, what we like etc..
Sports day at the Japanese school in Wales!
(created: 17/6/2012 at 22.13)

We had a sports day'undokai' at the Japanese School in Wales yesterday. The weather forcast was not telling us a good weather for that though we decided to go on! We had rain and wind and it was cold! Kids were great! We enjoyed a lot! Looking forward to the next year!
Pen Y Fan
(created: 10/6/2012 at 22.13)

I went to Wales for walking with the walking group today. We were four of us, and walked to Pen Y Fan the highest(886M) on South Wales! Then walked along the ridge. The weather wasn't too bad. We walked about 8 miles, but it was tough because there were lots of ups and downs. When we were finishing the walk, I really fancied fish'n'chips! It was a great walk! Great veiw!
Say good bye to Necko chan
(created: 7/6/2012 at 22.40)

My friend is coming to pick up Necko chan tomorrow. One day earlier than planned, because of the storm they came back from camping one day earlier. I will miss her a lot! I hope they will go for a holiday again so that I can have her at home again! See you soon Necko chan!
'Free Men'
(created: 6/6/2012 at 22.36)

I saw this touching French film this evening. It was very good. The story is inspired by a true event in Muslim community in German occupied Paris during the WW2. The mosque had hidden some members of the Resistance and Jews. The music of the film was really good as well. I enjoyed it a lot.
Cat for a week!
(created: 6/6/2012 at 13.51)

I have a cat at home for a week while my friend and her family are away for camping. The cat's name is Necko-chan. She is about 1 year old and very active. She digged out the soil of one of my plants few times... but she is very cute! The life with a cat is very nice.. One day I will have cats again.
'On the Sly'
(created: 3/6/2012 at 23.43)

I saw this lovely film this afternoon at Watershed. The six year old girl decided to live in the woods because she was tired of being ignored by her parents. She is really brave. I don't think I would last a day in the woods. Whole story is told by this girl's monologue. I like the beast she befriended with. I thought he was sent by her parents to search for her. I saw the afternoon showing and it was cheap.. realised it was dubbed version. I should've gone to the evening showing. I prefere its own language.
The Chieftains Live!
(created: 2/6/2012 at 23.40)

Just came back from a concert of The Chieftains at Colston Hall. It was a great show! Great music! They said it is the 50th anniversary of this Irish band. I haven't seen them live before, but it was worth going! There were some dancers, a bagpipe band and a scotish singer. The guy who plays fiddle also dances! Amazing.
My first 3D experience!
(created: 2/6/2012 at 17.12)

I saw 'Tales of the night 3D' at watershed. This is a beautiful silhouette animation. I am not keen on 3D films, but it did work well for me!
Upcoming films!
(created: 30/5/2012 at 22.38)

Next week is half term holiday. Finally I can watch some films. I missed all the films I wanted to watch last few months. It's partly because there are only one bus every hour on Sundays.. That really discourages me going to see films. However, I have weekday afternoon to watch next week! The films I want to see are 'Tale of the night', 'Free men', 'The angels' share' and 'On the sly'. They are all at the watershed - my favourite place.
Misora Hibari
(created: 24/5/2012 at 22.48)

Misora Hibari is one of the greatest singer in Japanese history. Her voice is amazing and soulful. One of my students today said he really likes her songs and they are very soothing. I feel like listening to them, but I don't have any CDs here. I might get some next time I'm in Japan.. Both of my grand mother and mother liked her. There is a Misora Hibari Museum in Kyoto. I should go there..
(created: 17/5/2012 at 22.40)

There are a few concerts lined up for me to go. It's great to have something to look forward! I also have a couple of concerts to perform in a local choir. Music, music. It always makes me feel happy!
My favourite films
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Sorry they are not Japanese films! I must say my favorite director is Krzysztof Kieslowski, a Polish director who made 'Three colours'. My favorite ones are 'La double Vie de Veronique' and ' A short film about love'. I also love the music from 'Veronique'. I like the composer Zbigiew Preisner. Once I asked my friend from Poland to get some CD of his when she went back home for a holiday. I haven't been Poland yet, but I must go there and buy more CD of his. When I was watching those films in Japan I didn't even imagine I would run Japanese language course at Polish Club!!
Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi
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Currently there is an exhibition of a Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi at Tate Modern. I went to see it in April. I think it will finish in early June. I enjoyed it a lot especially 'Mirror room'. There are lots of lights which change the colour. The mirrors make the room endless. I wanted to stay there forever...
Kodomo no hi
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It's children's festival today on 5th May. Koinobori is flying in the sky. I want to have kashiwamochi.
Message from Yu chan
(created: 4/5/2012 at 9.29)

CopyrightNice to meet you!
Hajimemashite Rie desu.
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This is my personal blog to write my interests and other things. My name is Rihae, but please call me Rie - Ri for 'river' and e for 'elm' - not many people pronounce the way I want - actually Ri is more like Li for 'lip' - Japanese R sounds more like L. Rie is Japanese name, but my family origine is Korea, so Rihae is Korean pronunciation of the Kanji Rie which means logic and give - what a suitable name for a teacher! I love music, films, art, travelling - and of course languages! I'm a native speaker of Osaka-ben! I also learned Korean long time ago. I would like to learn more languages.

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